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“Of course, BOILED is BETTER! It’s tradition!”

“So were horse-drawn carts and medicinal blood-letting! Steamed is superior!”

Does this sound like your typical Thanksgiving dinner conversation?

For years, bagel-men boiled their bagels. But they didn’t do it for superior quality, they did it out of necessity. Splashing boiling water on the surface of a bagel will activate the exterior starches, leading to better, richer flavor and the characteristic sheen on the bagel’s skin. Boiling was the only way they knew to get the starches activated.

Sadly, boiling carries so many other things with it! All kinds of creepy minerals and dead bacteria float around in the boiling vat, accumulating hour after hour. As water evaporates, it leaves behind more and more residue. The boiled bagels get dipped into ever-nastier water. Have we been eating all of that? Yuck!


Today, steaming solves all of that. At Sunrise, we bombard our bagels with super-heated steam. The water is purified even before it reaches the steamer, and the bagels never touch water that isn’t vaporized. This means our bagels are far cleaner than their boiled cousins.

The results are even better. The entire surface of the bagel gets steamed, not just the bottom. The ingredients and toppings get re-moisturized because they aren’t being washed away in a boiler. The traditional sheen and chewy skin is even cleaner and better than before.

In the Pacific Northwest, we care about clean air, clean water and clean food. That’s why at Sunrise, we demand better! We keep all the benefits of glossy, delicious bagels, but make them without any unwanted stow-away residues.

Peace has returned to the Thanksgiving table! Steamed is better!

Our bagels come in Sweet, Savory and Specialty varieties.
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Click on the photographs below to access the wholesale spec sheet for each variety of bagel.

Pesto Parmesan Bagels
Pesto Parmesan

Whole Wheat Bagel
Whole Wheat Bagel

Seattle Seahawk Bagel
Seattle Seahawk

Glamour Everything

Traditional Plain Bagel

Glamour Wild Cheddar
Wild Cheddar

Cheese Bagel

Snickerdoodle Bagel

Pizza Bagel

Glamour Sesame
Sesame Seed

Glamour Raspberry

Glamour Asiago
Asiago Topped

Glamour Poppyseed
Poppy Seed

Apple Honey Wheat Bagel
Apple Honey Wheat

Glamour Cheddar no seeds
Cheddar Topped

Glamour Harvest
Harvest Wheat

Blueberry Bagels

Glamour Hot and Spicy
Hot and Spicy

Glamour Garlic

Fruitwave Bagel

Glamour Pepperoni Biali
Pepperoni Biali

Glamour Jalapeno

Apple Honey Wheat Bagel
Apple Cinnamon

Glamour Hawaiian Biali
Hawaiian Biali

Glamour Onion

Glamour Oat Wheat
Oat Wheat

Glamour Ham Cheese Glamour
Bacon Cheese Biali

Chocolate Chip Bagel
Chocolate Chip

Cranberry Orange Zest
Cranberry Orange Zest

Glamour Mini Strawberry

Aerial Strawberry